Educator Since 1965, Storyteller Since Birth!

Professional Storyteller, Fiona PageWith a twinkle in her eye, Fiona challenges her audience to get charged up about their own family stories! She wants to entertain, yes, but also to encourage people to look for positive things instead of dwelling on their frustrations and anxiety. Her repertoire includes personal stories, family stories, historical tales, tall tales and ghost stories from the woods of South Georgia, Aesop’s Fables, and tales of the most famous trickster of the South — Br’er Rabbit. In this chaotic, overwhelming world of information, kids need stories that trigger their imaginations to see themselves as valuable. They need to be armed with every advantage possible to achieve success. Fiona Page does just that!

Fiona has told stories to tens of thousands of children from 4 to 18 since she became blind in 1987. She has learned to see differently and portray that to her audience. Fiona says…

"Stories shape my sense of who I am. I see the way story characters approach a problem and cope with adversity. I believe young people grow and thrive on universal stories and truths." –Fiona Page

Fiona’s programs not only entertain, they deliver messages about facing new challenges, building confidence, learning to communicate effectively, and understanding disabilities and diversity.

"When I became blind in 1987, it was like being an infant learning to walk, talk, eat and understand what was going on around me without the benefit of vision. I lost my eyesight on September 4, 1987, and performed for 700 people in an outdoor amphitheater on October 31, 1987. It was by sheer will that I did this. Children are like that until they learn the negatives around them. I learned those too. But not right away. Thus began the 3 years of traveling to speak to educators about the value of storytelling in the classroom.

When I completed the grant requirements for the Christa McAuliffe Fellowship, I began telling personal stories and stories of good character attributes to school children. I expanded my presentation to include a demonstration of what it is like to live with a disability. I have had numerous letters from middle school children and elementary school teachers saying, how much they learned." –Fiona Page 

"Her teaching experience gives her the wisdom to handle any kind of group."

"Fiona’s classroom experience shines through; you can hear a pin drop as she takes you on a journey of wishes, hopes, and dreams that often parallels life!"

"I was fascinated to see the boy who always squirms and rarely pays attention be entranced by Fiona’s telling."

"The way Fiona can tweak the same story to captivate a 6-year-old and then a 12-year-old definitely shows her experience."

"We are amazed at how Fiona uses her inability to see and turns it into an enhancement instead of a handicap."
            "Fiona Page is a remarkable storyteller! Her folktales enchanted our students, while her personal story of coping with blindness was fascinating to students and teachers. She is an inspiring role model for everyone who faces adversity." –Paulette Williams, Gwinnett County Schools


  Prinderella is a tongue twister. Fiona tells a spoonerism.

    This is children’s story about turning a disability into an ability

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"You can't depend on your vision when your imagination is out of focus." --Mark Twain

“Fiona captivates her audiences by knocking their blinders off” Jim Cashin, Director of Georgia Radio Reading Service (GARRS)

Fiona Spoke Here:

  • American Council of the Blind
  • American Library Association
  • Asso. of Teacher Educators
  • Atlanta's Paralympics
  • Bregman Conference
  • Callaway Gardens
  • Chic-fil-A
  • Galloway School
  • GAEL Conference
  • Georgia Dept of Family & Children's Services
  • Georgia Dept of Juvenile Justice
  • Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Helen Keller Foundation
  • Lake Lanier Villages
  • National Conference on Storytelling
  • National Council of the Teachers of English
  • N. Carolina Brain Injury Assn.
  • Project Lift
  • Riverside Academy
  • Salvation Army Auxiliary
  • SPADD Conference
  • St. Jude's Children's Hospital
  • Tommy Nobis Center
  • Youth Villages Author Series
  • Youth Villages Inner Harbour Campus
  • >