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“Eye on Blindness” with Renee Ford-Clark

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“Eye to Eye with Fiona Page”

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Each radio show includes an introduction by Anita Jefferson, a volunteer of the Georgia Radio Reading Service.

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December–Hello Christmas… Special guest songwriter, Marcia McFarland West, shared with Fiona the real meaning of Christmas–and played her song, Hello Christmas.
November–Storytelling… Fiona interviews nationally recognized author, motivational speaker and storyteller, Liz Bowles, MS, of Story as Medicine.
October–Why Tell Scary Stories? Fiona and B.J. Abraham share stories about being scared and discuss the value of telling scary stories to children.
September–Organization Skills for Dummies… Fiona and Anita bounce around ideas for getting and staying organized.
August–Who’s Your Hero?… Waymon Jones shares his stories of heroes in his life.
July–Interview with Internationally Acclaimed Storyteller, Milbre Burch… Fiona invites international storyteller, author and mime to share her tips on the power of story
June–Don’t Tighten Up, Lighten Up… Fiona’s guest is humorist, Jeff Justice, creator of Corporate Commedy training classes in Atlanta GA. Tips for telling funny jokes. Discover how humor is used to deliver your message.
May–Beyond the Glamour and Glitz… Queens of past Ms. Senior Georgia pageants share the fun and excitement of being in a pageant. Fiona, as Ms Senior Ga, does her stand-up comedy routine, Just a Blind Date. (Read more Beyond the Glamour and Glitz and Just a Blind Date in Fiona’s book, My Nightlife is 24/7)
April–What’s cooking in the Kitchen with Chef Jeff…  Funny story about Fiona’s cooking capers. Gust Chef Jeff Dessen shares tips on being organized in the kitchen.
March–Fiona’s Perspective on Telling Stories… Fiona shares festivals happening in the metro Atlanta area. Featuring B.J. Abraham telling her signature story, “Billy Brad”. Fiona and B.J. discuss the value and fun in the art of telling a story with tips on “How To”.
February–Love Ain’t No Thinking Thing… Featuring the love story of Nana and Kenneth, Fiona’s parents. Fiona’s mother was disabled…love was blind to her obvious physical disability.
January–What Do You Do When It Isn’t the Change You Want?… Fiona’s perspective on rethinking one’s future when life doesn’t seem to be going the way you had planned. The New Year means “Rethink your future” and Fiona explains how she had to do just that as she learned to live with her new blindness.

Doug Dahlgren Radio Show: Artists First  – Interview with Fiona “For Your Listening Pleasure”.

Mama Got Liberated at the Piggly Wiggly


"You can't depend on your vision when your imagination is out of focus." --Mark Twain

“Fiona captivates her audiences by knocking their blinders off” Jim Cashin, Director of Georgia Radio Reading Service (GARRS)

Fiona Spoke Here:

  • American Council of the Blind
  • American Library Association
  • Asso. of Teacher Educators
  • Atlanta's Paralympics
  • Bregman Conference
  • Callaway Gardens
  • Chic-fil-A
  • Galloway School
  • GAEL Conference
  • Georgia Dept of Family & Children's Services
  • Georgia Dept of Juvenile Justice
  • Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Helen Keller Foundation
  • Lake Lanier Villages
  • National Conference on Storytelling
  • National Council of the Teachers of English
  • N. Carolina Brain Injury Assn.
  • Project Lift
  • Riverside Academy
  • Salvation Army Auxiliary
  • SPADD Conference
  • St. Jude's Children's Hospital
  • Tommy Nobis Center
  • Youth Villages Author Series
  • Youth Villages Inner Harbour Campus
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