Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

One day when I have more time, I will master this world of technology. Facebook messaging eludes me. I count on my grandson to help when he has the time. I couldn’t live without my talking computer and I plan to conquer the iPhone, but alas, the internet still is a challenge. My favorite thing is my book reader which is about the size of a tiny MP3 player and carries 20 books around for me.

I love hearing about my former 8th graders and their huge families.  Write more!

I hope to see many of you at  Humpus Bumpus bookstore in Cumming on Dec. 4th. I will be signing both Bettina the Bold: A Blind Butterfly Discovers How to Make Friends and my book for adults, My Nightlife Is 24/7: Turning Tragedy to Triumph.

Enjoy the special dinner with family and friends and giving thanks for all the wondrous love you have in your life.

 I love you all,


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"You can't depend on your vision when your imagination is out of focus." --Mark Twain

“Fiona captivates her audiences by knocking their blinders off” Jim Cashin, Director of Georgia Radio Reading Service (GARRS)

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