"If there was no change in the world, there would be no butterflies." ~author unknown

Bettina the Bold, Inspirational Children's Book by Fiona Page

by Fiona Page "Bettina the Bold"

In the piney woods of southeast Georgia, a Queen butterfly named Bettina emerges from her chrysalis into a world of darkness. Wondering why it is so dark, she sets out to find the sun.
What Bettina doesn’t understand is that no matter how hard she tries, her eyes don’t see. Bettina is blind. Frustrated, Bettina pushes a hungry bee. She insults a friendly grasshopper. Feeling as though she doesn’t belong, she wishes she could go back to being a caterpillar.
Finding Bettina lost and lonely, a blind bat named Helen befriends her. Helen encourages Bettina to change her attitude. She instructs her on how to use polite behavior to attract friends as well as how to use her other senses to see.
In an amazing transformation Bettina sheds her unfriendly ways and becomes the social Queen butterfly she was born to be. Bettina the Bold Butterfly Image

"Bettina the Bold" – Physical Book w/CD audio

A book for children, ages 3-9 (32 pages)

Bettina the Bold: a blind butterfly’s discovery of how to attract friends and fit in with their peers. It is about dealing with frustration and the fears of being different.

Bettina the Bold is a significant book for children, parents, and educators. It teaches values to children and is entertaining for adults.

With its simple prose and colorful characters, children will enjoy listening to Bettina the Bold. Physical book includes a 15 minute audio CD, performed by professional storytellers Fiona Page (author) and B.J. Abraham, and features a theme song written and performed by musician Ken Medema.

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Marley, a second grader from Blackshear, GA, shared  her book report  about Fiona's book, "Bettina the Bold" at the  Pierce County library.

Marley, a second grader from Blackshear, GA, shared her book report about Fiona’s book, "Bettina the Bold" at the Pierce County library.


Bettina the Bold, Inspirational Children's Book by Fiona Page(Book blogger Ella Johnson from Florida posted a review of Bettina on her blog, on Facebook, on Twitter, on Amazon, and several other book sites).
"This book teaches values not only to children but to adults as well. Children with disability can lash out at others but like Bettina they can learn to be nice and have good manners. Bettina also learned that the best kind of beauty is the beauty that is within. The illustrations from Jerilyn Nighttraveller helped to bring the story to life. I highly recommend this book for classroom teaching.
** Here are a few comments she’s received about her review of Bettina:
  1. “We’re always looking for more books that deal with diversity. This sounds fabulous!”
  2. “I thought that the whole message behind the story was ingenious. It will teach children to accept others differences without looking at someone as ‘disabled’. And for the children that have those differences, maybe they will see that it’s alright and that they are just the way that they are supposed to be.”
  3. “Love the message! What a beautiful way to teach young ones about having a disability!”
  4. “Looks like a great book – Bettina sounds like a character my little sister would like.”
  5. “I think this is a great way to talk to kids about different things that they will encounter in life. Things ranging from trying to find out why they may feel different from other kids to accepting who you are no matter what differences or disabilities a child may have. I love that it kind of shows kids how to cope with life.”
  6. “I always love to share books with children where they learn some character development besides just be entertained. The author and the book sounds wonderful.”
  7. “I love the idea of Bettina learning to change her attitude…how important that is in life to make life better! I agree we can all learn from that! What a great theme and ideas.”
  8. “The idea of feeling sorry for yourself because of being different in some way and treating others badly is one that is not mentioned often enough. Thanks for dealing with this subject. Thanks for the review, which changed my mind about this book.”


Bettina the Bold, Inspirational Children's Book by Fiona Page
This (Bettina the Bold) is SO impressive, Fiona…first class in every way. It teaches values to children, and, in my opinion, it’s entertaining even for adults. The Ken Medema song is the perfect ending! (Carolyn Curtis)
Bettina the Bold, Inspirational Children's Book by Fiona PageThis (Bettina the Bold) is a gentle story that has a mighty message. So often when we are trapped by a disability turned handicap, our fear makes us lash out, strike back, be demanding, and lose our ability to care for others. This little story gives us a glimpse into what it might be like to be loved, nudged and kindly prodded into not only an acceptance of a disability but also creating a life that is open and full of celebration. I would read it to my grandkids.  (Ken Medema)

"You can't depend on your vision when your imagination is out of focus." --Mark Twain

“Fiona captivates her audiences by knocking their blinders off” Jim Cashin, Director of Georgia Radio Reading Service (GARRS)

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